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Video Tape Transfer

Free local pick up/delivery and Free Nationwide return shipping on all video and audio tape transfers

 Video Tape Transfer Service - At Absolute Video Services we specialize in video tape transfer. We handle and process all video tape personally, in-house and utilize high quality equipment to bring your footage into our digital age. With almost 25 years of providing video tape transfer services, we have developed a proven process for video tape transfer. This process has allowed Absolute Video Services to dramatically bring down the cost of video tape transfer while still offering the highest quality. With our simple and sensible pricing and outstanding service and value, now is the time to preserve your footage forever

Video Tape Formats we process: VHS, VHSC, SVHS, 8mm, HI8mm, Digital 8mm, MiniDV, HDV, DVCAM and PAL

*Please note that we and not able to provide video transfer services for tv show recordings or commercially produced programs, 

please do not send these type of tapes in for transfer unless you have specific written permission to copy

Please make sure to include our order form with your tapes

Hard Drive 1 TB - Absolute Video Services Batavia

Audio Tape Transfer

Audio Tape Transfer

We offer audio tape to CD and MP3 transfer services

The content of each audio tape is transferred in it's entirety, from start to finish - over 80 minutes run time will be 2 CDS

Automatic track markers

Each CD is printed with basic information and provided in a white sleeve

Each tape and CD are numbered to match

Your original tapes are returned to you unless you ask us to recycle them

You can also place your video tape transfer order directly through our ebay store. Visit our ebay store for other offers, discounts and specials